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Car Generators


Do Cars Have Generators Built In?

Cars, sports utility vehicles, and trucks all have their own existing ‘generators’ under the hood called an alternator. It’s responsible for generating electricity to charge the battery while the engine is running. They also keep the electrical components in the vehicle charged. The vehicle's alternator however produces 12V DC and is designed for the Car, not to power your home or RV.

The Benefits of a Car Generator

The obvious benefit of using a Car Generator is that it can create 1,000W of power when needed. And because the power is coming from a car battery while its engine is running, there’s less noise and lower emissions compared to a typical gas generator. Plus, the Car Generator actually uses less fuel.

Most vehicle engines can handle long periods of idling without detriment to the auto. And as long as there’s gasoline in the tank of the vehicle, the Car Generator can transfer its power to external appliances. So, with a full tank, most users can expect 50 to 80 hours of electrical power.

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