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Door- And Seat-Mounted Airbag

Side Airbags That Are Placed In The Seat Are Positioned Rather Near To The User. They Are Covered By The Seat Back's Outer Bolster.

Head-Protecting Curtain Airbag

From The Seatback, A Combination Airbag Inflates To Protect The Head And Torso. An Airbag That Protects The Head Deploys From The Roof Rail.

Head-Torso-Pelvis Airbag

Torso Side Airbags Are Often Installed At The Back Of The Seat Or Within The Door Panel, Facing Away From The Occupant And Protecting The Torso And Pelvis.

Combination Airbag

A combination airbag protects the head and the body from the shoulders down to the hip deploying from the seatback.

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Types Of Airbags

Front Airbags: The front airbag is one of the safety features of modern cars. Although it is not a miracle worker, it has the potential to save lives. However, it doesn't protect passengers in rear and side crashes.

Some vehicles feature an advanced system that detects the presence of a front passenger and deploys the airbag in time to save them from injury. But that doesn't mean you should blindly follow the manufacturers' instructions. For example, the Occupant Classification System (OCS) in most new U.S. cars tells you how to use the front airbag. For example, it will warn you to tilt your seat back if you have a child in the front seat. You can also install an on-off switch to turn the air bag off if you don't need it.

Buy Front Airbag from BUY AUTO PART a one-stop destination for all your airbag needs. We offer the finest quality undeployed used front airbags at a fraction of the cost, our huge inventory of airbags makes us feel proud, with the help of our inventory you can find the perfect airbag for your car.

front airbag
front airbag

Side Airbags: In side-impact collisions, side airbags are a crucial safety advancement that protects passengers. They frequently take place at junctions or when a car veers off the road and collides side-on with a pole, tree, or other item. Curtain airbags are side airbags that are intended to protect the head and protrude from the roof above the windows. Although side airbags are more frequently found in the front seats of an automobile, they are also sometimes found in the back seats of newer models.

One of the most common safety features in a vehicle is a side airbag. It is a large inflatable device that protects the head and torso inside crashes. Inflating and deploying a side airbag is often faster than frontal airbags, making it a valuable component in car safety. Increasing numbers of new cars are equipped with airbags. These can come as a curtain or seat-mounted airbags. They can protect both the front and rear passengers in a side-impact crash.

Knee Airbags: In order to lessen leg injuries from collisions, knee airbags often deploy from the lower dashboard. A driver or passenger's leg becoming stuck between the dashboard and the seat during an accident can cause serious injuries, including amputation or paralysis. The knee bolster, sometimes known as the knee airbag, was created to lessen the impact loads placed on the lower limbs. Although limb injuries don't usually result in death, knee airbags have been shown to significantly lessen the severity of lower extremity injuries when they collide with the dashboard.

Automotive knee airbags are designed to protect drivers from injuries to the lower body. They are usually located on the driver's or passenger's side of the car. The airbag is deployed when the car strikes an object. A car's airbags help protect occupants of all ages, including children. In addition, they work best when paired with seat belts.

front airbag
front airbag

Inflatable Seat Belts: Airbags that are integrated into seat belts themselves are known as inflatable seat belts. The purpose of the airbag is to provide more protection for the person's chest than a standard seat belt by distributing the forces of a collision across a broader region of the chest. There is no guarantee that inflatable seat belts are unsafe, and they could even be safer than the standard seat belts present in many back seats.

In automobiles, inflatable seat belts are used in place of conventional seat belts. They must be inflated using an air compressor or air pump that is installed on the front or back of cars. When someone sits on the belt, the gas is condensed inside an inner tube where it is kept. Once he is strapped in, the pressure rises through tubes that link to inflated bladders until it reaches his head, where it creates a cushion between his neck and shoulders. This reduces the shock's effect, reducing damage to the neck and cervical spine.


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Airbag Innovation

Far-Side Airbag: The far-side airbag, which is also known as the front-center airbag, is designed to keep passengers in the front from colliding with one another in side-impact collisions and to preserve occupant position in far-side or rollover collisions. 2013 saw the debut of the front-center airbag from general motors.

Toyota has created a similar design for a safety feature that opens from the center console in the back row.

To promote far-side airbags, euroncap announced a new side crash test in 2020. The gmc acadia, chevrolet traverse, genesis g80, genesis gv80, and buick enclave are now vehicles that provide a far-side airbag.

Panoramic Sunroof Airbag: A car manufacturer named Hyundai Mobis introduced the first panoramic roof curtain airbag in 2017. It is intended to stop passengers from being thrown through the sunroof during rollovers.

Since 2000, the nhtsa has recorded 260 instances of people being ejected through sunroofs, and as panoramic sunroofs gain popularity, more incidents are likely to occur.

The use of these types of airbags in automobiles was delayed by several design issues. The airbag must be retained in the headliner and correctly deploy whether the sunroof is open or closed, without obstructing headroom or view.

Seat Cushion Airbag: By limiting the movement of the person's body, seat cushion airbags reduce the stresses on the chest and abdomen of the occupant. The seat cushion airbag is present in the toyota yaris right now.

Rear Seat Airbag: The development of rear seat airbags will provide head protection for passengers in the back. The back of the front seat is where the rear seat airbags are located, and they inflate more gently than standard airbags. Unlike typical, fully powered airbags, they are only half inflated, so even if they contact objects or kid seats, they will deflect rather than strike them. The following version of the s-class will include an optional airbag, according to Mercedes-Benzes.

Flexible Seating Airbag Systems: Innovative airbag systems will be necessary for safety in future vehicles with adjustable seating options (reclining seats, campfire arrangements, etc.). Airbag manufacturers are working on seat-mounted airbag systems that shield passengers like a cocoon.

Precrash External Side Airbag System: Zf invented the external side airbag to lessen the impact forces on a car during side collisions. When a side collision is about to occur, this airbag uses precrash sensors to detect it and then deploys a large external airbag from the vehicle's side sill to protect the driver and rear passenger doors. It almost equals the size of a life raft when inflated. As of right now, no automobiles in production use this technology.

External Hood Airbag: The first hood airbag intended for pedestrian safety was released by volvo. The robust windshield and a-pillar, which pedestrians frequently contact, are covered by an external airbag that deploys from the vehicle's undercarriage when a collision with a pedestrian is detected. Starting with the 2013 model year, the Volvo V40 includes a standard pedestrian hood airbag that is exclusively offered in europe.

Car Airbag Replacement Parts (OEM)

Airbag replacement parts for domestic car manufacturers. Our top sellers are Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, and gmc. We also distribute foreign cars' airbags. Some of our top sellers are Toyota, Honda, vw, Mercedes & Mazda airbags.

The airbag system consists of basic parts including:

  • Airbag clock spring
  • Airbag diagnostic module
  • Knee bolster
  • Passenger dash
  • Seat and curtain
  • Steering wheel
  • Airbag control module
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Car SRS Airbag Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are your Airbags OEM?

Yes, all the airbags we sell are OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ).

Are your airbags remanufactured?

No, we do not replace or repair any parts of the airbags. They are exactly what was in your car and are original when you bought them. The airbags we sell are undeployed and used because they are from the same year as the ones in your vehicle. for example, If you own a Ford 1999 Mustang, then we would sell you an undeployed used airbag that was manufactured in 1999. Again, these are the same airbags that were in your car and performed just fine during your crash. If you purchase one from the dealer and it has been kept on the shelf since 1999, then in essence you are buying a used airbag.

Are your airbags used?

Yes, we sell our airbags as used because some come from other donor cars. But, we have an ownership inspection process and each part is inspected to make sure they are in its original condition.

What airbags are used?

Our airbags are categorized as used because we are not - in the example, a Chevy Dealer or Ford Dealer, etc. Nevertheless, some of our products are new and we must label them as used. In addition, we sell airbags that have been in a car before but never deployed. However, every part we sell is an OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ). It is used since time has elapsed. So you see - your car's airbags were employed as well and they performed fine. What we do as a company is to make sure that the parts of the airbags we sell are in actual condition. It is our awareness of detail that has earned us a top-notch reputation from auto rebuilders worldwide.

Why is my airbag light on or flashing?

The flashing airbag light means that the restraint control module, which includes the sensors, has recognized a fault in the system and has deactivated the airbag and pretensioners. A scan tool can examine the system to identify the precise fault code. In fact, the next time you switch on the key, observe the airbag light and try to identify the "lamp fault code" that is flashing. The "LFC" arrangement might help you identify the specific problem with the system. For example, a sequence of one flash followed by six flashes indicates a problem with the passenger-side airbag.

Why are my seat belts locked?

Seat belt pre-tensioners were installed on vehicles beginning as early as 1999. These pre-tensioners act in arrangement with the airbag system in your car. Therefore, whenever you have met with an accident the pre-tensioners fire off pulling you back in your seat delivering a safer distance from the airbags. Seat belt pre-tensioners have a much faster response time than the older seat belt versions making for a much safer product. However, once the tensioner is activated it locks the seat belt straps and they are no longer useful and therefore, must either be rebuilt or replaced.

Can my seat belts be repaired?

Yes, in most cases we can rebuild your original seat belts by replacing your pre-tensioner and replacing the necessary elements making your seatbelts fully usable and at a price that is more inexpensive than a new replacement at the dealer.

Do I have to replace my front impact sensors?

It all depends on the intensity of the crash. However, in maximum cases, the front impact sensors are reusable unless they have been physically damaged or the wire leading to it has been furrowed by metal. You can replace all airbag parts and if the light is still flashing a sensor code you can test the wire for continuity or replace the sensor if required to be. However, in most cases, you can reuse the impact sensor.

Where is my car's airbag module located?

The control module is also called the 591, diagnostic unit, airbag computer, diagnostic sensor, and DERM unit, and it is located in many other parts of the car. We need to know the year, make and model of the vehicle to be able to tell you where to search for your module.

Do I have to replace my control module?

The control module is also called the 591, diagnostic unit, airbag computer, diagnostic sensor, DERM unit, and some others. Regardless of what you call it, after a crash the control module must either be replaced or reprogrammed. However, in most Chrysler models the control module will reset itself after you have replaced all the airbags in your car.

Can I replace just the driver's airbag?

First of all, anytime any element of the SRS system in your car is missing the airbag light will show that your airbags are not active. Second, leaving an open circuit (connectors not connected) can cause a flawed ground and accidentally activate the airbag that is installed, even while you are driving. Therefore, all of the airbag parts must be reinstalled to factory spec.

Do I have to replace the clockspring?

The clock spring is also called the coil spring. Its job is to supply electrical continuity as the steering wheel is alternated. When the driver's airbag is deployed the chemical reaction that arises heats the gas cylinder and the connector from the clock spring is dissolved. If this happens, then you have no option and the clock spring should be replaced. However, more recent style connectors survive the heat transfer and the clock-spring can be recycled. So, in order to decide whether you are required to replace your clock spring or not. You must take out the driver-side airbag and see if the connector connected to the airbag cylinder is dissolved and merged together. Similarly, all connectors that attach to airbag parts have a locking mechanism and therefore, you must remove the lock prior to dividing the male and female connectors.

Are the vinyl covers included with my airbags?

The steering wheel airbag always comes with a vinyl cover, however, some manufacturers have integrated the passenger airbag underneath the dash. This type of passenger airbag is referred to as an "Inner bag" and the dash is sold individually from the passenger airbag. Although most passenger airbags do include the cover several new models require that the whole dashboard be replaced.

Is the control module included with my purchase?

As with most companies, all parts are sold individually and the airbag control module is not included in the price of any airbag shop.

How fast do you have to drive for airbags to deploy?

There is no fixed answer to this question. What we understand is that you should have both deceleration and impact for airbags to deploy. Nevertheless, this could happen even at a very low speed, such as five miles per hour.


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