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What is a Steering Column?

The rod that the steering wheel is mounted to is known as the steering column of a vehicle. On a shaft inside the steering column, the steering wheel is attached. The steering inputs are delivered to the steering rack or box by the steering column. A shaft that passes through the steering column is used to link the steering wheel to the shaft. As you drive your automobile, everything will start to feel stiff, clang, and make strange noises, giving you the impression that something is amiss. This component has to be changed as soon as failure symptoms start to appear.

Steering Column
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How does the steering column work?

Most contemporary automobiles have a rack and pinion steering arrangement with power assistance. The rack and pinion system changes the steering wheel's circular motion into a linear motion that rotates the wheels.

Here, a shaft is used to drive the steering wheel, while the shaft's other end is connected to a pinion (gear wheel). The tie rod connects the steering rack, where the pinion is mounted, to the wheels. The steering arm that is attached to your car's wheels is connected via the tie rod after that.

As you turn the steering wheel:

  • It travels together with the shaft.
  • The connecting tie rod is then moved by the steering rack after the shaft spins the pinion.
  • The steering arm is then moved by the tie rod, which finally causes the wheel to turn in the direction you like.

The rack-and-pinion system

There is no backlash in the gears since the pinion and rack tightly mesh. This results in highly accurate steering. A tiny pinion (gear wheel) enclosed in a housing is located at the base of the steering column. Its teeth fit into a rack, which is a long transverse bar, which has a straight row of teeth. The rack oscillates when the pinion is turned. Track rods connect the rack's ends to the road wheels. The operation of this system is exact since it is basic and has few moving elements that may wear out or become misplaced. The steering column's connection to the rack is made possible via a universal joint, which prevents the steering wheel from being uncomfortably angled sideways.

The steering-box system

A worm gear is housed in a box at the base of the steering column. A worm is a short bolt-shaped, threaded cylinder. If you were to turn a bolt with a nut attached, the nut would move with the bolt. The worm's rotation also causes everything inserted into its thread to move. The moving component may be a sector (like a slice of a gear wheel), a peg or roller attached to a fork, or a substantial nut, depending on the design.

Buying a used OEM Steering Column

Getting a used oem steering column is a smart way to save money on an essential part of your vehicle. It's also greener and eco-friendly. However, you need to do your homework before committing to a purchase. Having the proper knowledge can be the deciding factor in choosing the right steering column replacement for your vehicle. Steering columns can be found in all shapes and sizes. Some may be fully manual while others are designed to be operated by a remote control. Others even have fancy features like turn signals, headlight switches, and pulse wipers. The most important thing to remember when purchasing a used steering column is to find out where the part came from and whether it has been tested. On the right hand, a used column can be a very reliable and durable part of your car. While getting a used oem steering column is a great way to save money, you need to be careful about choosing the wrong part.

Buy Auto Part is a place where you can find great quality used steering columns without breaking the bank, each column they sell is tested and comes with a warranty. We have a huge inventory of used auto parts.

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