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K Frame


A K frame or crossmember on a car is the part of the car’s frame bolted beneath the underside of the vehicle. The K crossmember, which features engine mounts, is used to support a longitudinally mounted transmission. The K frame enables better handling and alignment with respect to suspension.

In the field of automotive engineering, a car’s frame holds the mechanical parts, wheels and transmission to which the car’s body is attached. Rough pavements can expose the crossmember or K frame on a vehicle to a great deal of pressure. As a result, the panels or body parts can be impacted as well. Therefore, a crossmember should be replaced if it is found to be twisted or worn.

It may be best to consult a mechanic to replace a crossmember on a car as the repair is rated as difficult by most car repair experts. In order to replace a K frame or crossmember, a mechanic needs to utilize tools such as a jack stand, blowtorch, hydraulic jack, wrench, welder and clamps.

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