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Car Fan Clutch

Fan Clutch

The fan clutch is a type of temperature control device that generally transfers heat away from the engine, or when cooled, assists in the process of generating more heat to increase engine power.

The fan clutch has four distinct segments: central hub and hub bearing, hub body, impeller blades and springs. When a vehicle's engine is running it sends gas through carburetors or fuel injection systems to be combusted inside the cylinders. This process generates high levels of heat which is then transmitted throughout the vehicle's system so as not to damage any other components while still remaining safe for human beings. This is done mainly through air conditioning and heating systems, though also through the engine itself.

Heat generated by the vehicle is vented out by the fan clutch. Fan clutches assist in this process by pumping air out of the radiator and into its surroundings. When a car's engine is running and producing heat, fan blades begin to spin within the fan clutch. This causes a series of centrifugal forces to push air from within the vehicle out of its radiator which can then be used for other purposes like cooling or heating external objects or areas that are not directly related to or part of a vehicle's internal system.

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