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Car Fan Blade

Fan Blade

The Fan Blades of the radiator fan is an important factor to be considered in the functioning of your vehicle's cooling system.

The radiator fan helps to maintain your car's engine temperature and prevents it from overheating. In order for the cooling system to work efficiently, the cooling fan needs to be in good shape, with the ability to effectively blow air over the radiator when it is turned on.

Cooling fans are usually axial fans, where the blades are arranged so that they force the air to move in a direction parallel to the shaft on which they are mounted.

Radiator fan blades can be straight or curved. Straight blades shift more air than curved blades, but are noisier.

The blades are usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or nylon. If your fan blades are damaged or cracked, the fan would be ineffective in maintaining your engine's temperature.

You should replace your fan-blades at the earliest to prevent possible damage to your car's engine and cooling system.

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