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Seat Track-Front

Seat Track - Front

To ensure the most comfortable, ergonomic seating experience, we now offer Seat Front Track. This innovative feature allows the back of a seat to be pulled forward together with the front edge.

How does this help people?

Here are some ways Seat Front Track can improve your life:

Researchers at the University of Nottingham investigated the impact of Seat Front Track on people undergoing elective surgery to their arm or leg. They found that those who used Seat Front Track experienced less pain and were more comfortable than those without the feature in 45 percent of cases.

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How do we know this?

The researchers performed a post-surgery survey and discovered that people who used the feature felt better in 49 percent of cases, regardless of whether they had surgery to their arm or leg.

What is a Seat Track?

Seat Front Track is a wireless locomotion platform that uses free movement of body weight to generate an electric power needed for vehicles to move. It is equal in size of a car and weighs 26 kilograms, can be installed on existing cars, has a range up to 100km and takes less than four minutes to install.

If you're looking to buy a quality used Seat Front Track car?, we have just what you're looking for! ready for an affordable price. We have nearly one decade in the car parts industry. So visit us today to take a look at our range of vehicles - we guarantee that you'll find something in your budget!

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